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News sub Title

No. Title Date
1 Innovate2014, Presentation on the LG CNS MDD
The IBM Technical Submmit, June 1-5 | Orlando, Florida
2 Success in applying MDD to aplication, "Will be competitive in the global IT market"
[Interview] KAIST Professor Byeong-Tae Lee … “I wonder if it would be possible." When Byeong-Tae Lee, KAIST Business School professor, heard the news that JB Bank launch the system using MDM, he had doubts about it.
3 LG CNS held 'Entrue World 2014' ... Prosper in MDD session
The case of 'MDD' is presented by Jong-Tae Choi - On 17th April, LG CNS introduced their strategy of the solution through the case of JB Bank in Entrue World 2014.
4 LG CNS "Systematic approach to methodology and solution"
"MDD focus on comunication between modeler and developer"

'DevOn Java' have designs on the account system of the bank ... LG CNS approaches java to eliminate difficulties of comunication and discrepancies between program codes and outputs.
5 LG CNS presents the New Way of banking IT
LG CNS suggests the new way of banking IT in Smart Finanace & Information Security Fair (SFIS2014) on 19th February.
6 [CIO BIZ+/Case Study] Big Bang Project of JB Bank System
JB Bank System, which chooses JAVA as a development language and builds with MDA for the first time in Korea, operated successfully on September.
7 IT Service 'Big 5' focus on 'Global' & 'New Business' next year
IT service companies set up a 2014 business plan in accordance with the keyword of 'survival' and 'evolution'.
8 Automation tool, Model Driven Development
'New generation system' is completed with SW design model ... Only complete business model, source code is generated automatically ... safety and quality improvement
9 [2014 Financial IT Inovation] "Forget about the source code ... Attention to Model-Driven Development"
"Now, source code is out of interest. we should be oriented to not source code but model-driven development."
10 [Forum] Accelerate innovation of financial system with MDD
MDD will be adopted as financial big bang projects from the next year ... improve productivity and quality ... support the professionalism of the business intensively ... possibiliy of MDD application in communication & service business fields