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Components and Advantages of Model-driven Development

LG CNS MDD process

S/W Model

● UML and CBD based component model

● Sequence diagram based model

● Naming in local language is supported (i.e. naming components)

● Supports modeling of diverse transactions carried out at financial institutions, including online, batch, center-cut, etc.

Automated Tool

● Complies with OMG (Object Management Group) and MDA (Model-driven Architecture) standards

● Platform-independent architecture allows translation of source code into diverse programming languages

● Automatically generates 100% of source code from models

● Automatically generates development outputs including component specifications

● Offers over 70 standardization and development-convenience features including code standardization, metadata linking, etc.


● Finance IT system application framework

● Successfully implemented at numerous financial institutions including Shinhan Card, Jeonbuk Bank, etc.

● Offers development, runtime, and test environments

● MDA tools are integrated into the framework

MDD Methodology

● CBD methodology is customized for model-driven development process

● Repeatedly performs “Design + Implementation + Test” as a set process

● Integrated into the automation step using MDA tools

  E.g.) Automatic generation of Use Case and components