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Finance IT System and Model

IT System is Production Plant and Service Center for Financial Institutions!

Unlike manufacturers, which produce and sell products visible to human eyes, the financial industry produces and services products via IT systems. As their IT system assumes the crucial role of both production plant and service center, financial institutions need to implement and manage an optimum system that actualizes a well-defined process with consistent quality.

Transforming Finance IT System from Source-driven Invisible System

Finance IT systems are implemented through the process of “Analysis-Design-Coding-Testing” to produce source code and final deliverables with its structure and well-organized management process. Written in a programming language highly abbreviated and encrypted, source code is not easy to understand for business people with no IT expertise. Once implemented, all systems undergo continuous changes from the addition of products and a shift in management strategy. Since changes to source code made in the maintenance phase are not automatically implemented to output documents produced during the development phase, the inconsistency between source code and output documents becomes greater as time goes on. Such a gap between source code and output documents remains only as an abstraction in the mind of developers tasked with system maintenance and increases business dependency on the small group of specific individuals.

To Model-driven Visible System!

With a system implemented through MDD, models expressed in diagrams become the management target, not source code. This allows non-IT business people to easily understand the system’s structure. Also, changes made to models are automatically updated to output documents to ensure consistency between final source code and management documents. This actualizes process change, which in the past only existed in the mind of maintenance developers, into a tangible document and transforms the once invisible finance IT system into a clearly visible one.